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October 2023. We consider close cooperation with schools important. Thanks to the right students we grow together with them. Educating and adapting them create significant steps in gaining loyal employees. Linda was studying Accounting and Controlling in Graz and took a part in a MS Dynamics AX development project at Cardbox Packaging in Wolfsberg, as a subject of her bachelor thesis. Now she’s got an opportunity to grow Cardbox business in the United States, working as Business Analyst!


Why did you choose to work with Cardbox on your bachelor thesis?

I chose Cardbox because it is a well-known international operating company and the project to build up a reporting tool in MS Dynamics AX was a great and interesting topic to work on for my bachelor thesis.

Did Cardbox support you with practical training?

Yes, everyone was very supportive I always got valuable answers which was very useful for doing my bachelor thesis. I got insights not only in all the administrative processes but also in the production. This way I could gain knowledge in all the processes of Cardbox.

Would you recommend such cooperation to other students too?

Definitely. It’s an interesting experience to be a part of a company before graduation and continue working there after that. I think that’s the best way of finishing your study.

Is the work environment different in the U.S. from the European one?

In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that there is a big difference between the work environment in the U.S. and Europe at Cardbox Packaging.

How valuable do you think this experience is for you?

I think I will benefit from this experience for the rest of my life, wether in work experience/carrier chances or in my personal life. Of course, it was a big and scrary step to go abroad and leave everything behind, but I would recommend it to everyone. I got the chance to get to know all the plants of Cardbox and their differences, improve language skills, gain knowledge in the company processes and grow with the company.

Thank you, Linda!

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