Cardbox Packaging acquires Samson Druck’s premises in 2021

Cardbox Packaging Wolfsberg acquires new premises

Vienna/Wolfsberg, October 2021 – Cardbox Packaging has announced its acquisition of the Buch Theiss GmbH bookbinding workshop’s premises in St. Stefan/Wolfsberg. The Cardbox Packaging Group, with sites in Austria, Serbia, Czechia and the USA, has been active in Carinthia since 2011, employing 60 of its almost 250 employees at this location.

Managing Director of Cardbox Packaging Holding, Roland Schöberl, explains the reasoning behind the transaction as follows: “The purchase of the business premises in St. Stefan presented us with a unique opportunity and represents another important milestone in the development of our site in Wolfsberg. Our dynamic growth over the past few years has meant that we have been pushing the limits of our capacity in many areas of production, infrastructure and administration. This much larger premises will enable us to design our production layout so that it is optimised for our requirements. At the same time, this relocation will significantly boost our printing and punching divisions thanks to a range of new investments, enabling us to expand them, too.”

“The synergies between both sites were evident from the very first discussions. Cardbox Packaging’s acquisition of this site will bring promising prospects for the site itself and for the region, as well as allowing us to reorientate and refocus. Although our site may be smaller, we are still on-hand to provide our customers with the expertise for which we are known and to support our partners with their book projects on-site. We are also adding a regional sales team for Samson Druck GmbH to the site, who will be responsible for customer service in the advertising and job printing sectors,” says Gerhard Aichhorn, Managing Director of Buch Theiss GmbH. The town of Wolfsberg is also more than pleased with this clear commitment to the location and will be supporting the search for buyers at the old site, as well as the planning process at the new site, as Mayor Hans Primus has confirmed.

“Thanks to the investment with respect to the Cardbox Packaging Group, the Wolfsberg site will be able to strengthen its focus on special printing solutions and cutting. At the same time, however, the site (supported by FFG and KWF) will be expanded to become a highly innovative hub of expertise for sustainable barrier solutions,” explains Klaus Hockl, another Managing Director of Cardbox Packaging Holding.

In the last decade, Cardbox Packaging has grown and developed as a result of this specialisation, becoming a key player in the European packaging industry. A number of global branded companies consider Cardbox a valuable partner in the development and production of high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions. For the upcoming business year, Cardbox Packaging is predicting turnover of €50 million within the group.


(photo; from left: Gerhard Aichhorn, Roland Schöberl)

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