Carton Austria Award for Cardbox Packaging

CAA for Cardbox Packaging

Vienna, December 2020. It’s an honor to announce that our company has won the Carton Austria Award 2020. The jury award was given to the Manner Mini Mix gift box which was made by Cardbox Packaging Wolfsberg and also by Metsä Board as the cardboard manufacturer. It is also worth mentioning that this impressive construction was designed at Cardbox Packaging Pinkafeld.

Upon opening the large colorful cube, you are invited to try Manner mini-delicates four characters of flavors:  neapolitan, strawberry, nougat, and milk. Further elaborate packaging turns into a board game of Easter animals, so there is no longer the rule of not playing with your food.


Being noticed on shelves requires unusual ideas, which was the task for our R&D centre in Pinkafeld. One version unfolds into a bowl and invites you to serve as a snack. In a second version, a board game unfolds. Thinking of social life is important in these times. Therefore sitting together at the table, spending a sociable evening playing together and enjoying the chocolate variations from Manner sounds like a perfect idea. This pop up box leaves nothing to be desired.

The experienced team from Cardbox Packaging Wolfsberg has brought the packaging into perfection by flawless output at the well-equipped plant using professional skills. The colorful cube full of small figures of four different flavors seems to be the perfect sweet gift.

See the video from Carton Austria Award online broadcast with a commentary of Klaus Hockl, managing director of Cardbox Packaging Holding: click to watch

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