KARLO SPOON hits the market!

Karlo Spoon from Cardbox Packaging

Vienna, September 2021. In 2020, Cardbox Packaging has presented its first cardboard spoon on the market. The further development, however, resulted in an even smarter packaging solution for dairy and convenience food. Introducing the Karlo Spoon is another step forward in this project which has become an official part of the portfolio in February 2021. Up until now, millions of spoons have been sold.



Due to the ban on disposable plastic cutlery in the EU, the spoon is an innovative and ecological plastic-free solution for maintaining the possibility of dairy/convenience products on the go. Being made of renewable resources with water-based coating, it earns a high eco-friendly profile. Once used, the spoon can be simply disposed of with the other paper waste. If combining it with a lid made of r-PET and PP, all these can be easily separated, resulting in a sustainable packaging solution with an excellent recycling profile when correctly disposed.

karlo Spoon hit the market

                       Karlo Spoon from Cardbox Packaging was also made for the customer Greiner Packaging


Because the spoon is easy to fold, it can be attached to the product, or even inserted into the lid (example, of a yogurt). Due to the fact many consumers are concerned about environmental impact and focus more on plastic-free products, this can be a game changer. One of the other advantages of the Karlo Spoon, lies in the printing possibilities, which creates an essential message to consumers.


Thanks to the shape representing a practical spoon, the food is well captured at its edges and does not overflow. Instructions to assemble the spoon are included in the design. For the time being, the given product does not allow endless or long-term use, which is why it belongs in the category of classic disposable foodservice products with a limited lifespan.


The product is protected as a utility model. The spoons are delivered to customers folded by machine. Consumers can very easily unfold the product and start using it immediately. The assembly also ensures the logistic and protection advantages of the product.  In the folded state, the chance of damage to the structure is minimal.


The combination of both the cardboard and the coating has resulted in a smart sustainable solution. The spoon is made from virgin fibres and is therefore approved for contact with food, while a water-based coating on the cardboard ensures the spoon can be safely used while eating.

Karlo Spoon hits the market

                                             Consumers can very easily unfold the spoon and start using it immediately.

Karlo spoon, created in cooperation with Greiner Packaging International, is made purely of cardboard, is fully recyclable, and helps reduce the worldwide use of plastics. Due to the ban on disposable plastic cutlery in the EU from 2021-2022, the spoon is an innovative and ecological alternative, even after printing and coating. This way, consumers can still have the opportunity to enjoy various convenience food on the go.


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